Local Yorkshire Ice Cream

Have you heard the term ‘food miles’ and wondered what it meant? It’s used as a way to assess the environmental impact of food processing and sales once it leaves the farm, fishery or dairy it’s been produced on. In some cases, food will be sold on site, other times it will go to a local processing plant, sometimes it goes to a farm shop, but sometimes it gets sent many miles to be sorted, processed or sold. And that adds a lot of ‘food miles’ to food, even if it’s been sustainably grown or raised up until that point.

Even food which is grown or produced here in the UK is often sent abroad to be processed, adding a lot of food miles. In an era then we’re all being encouraged to think about the impact of our lifestyle on the environment, food miles do matter. If farmers and food producers make an effort to use sustainable, green methods then surely, it’s counterproductive to fly, sail or drive that food thousands of miles? But it is common practice. Take a look at the origin of lamb or venison on sale when you’re next in the supermarket. As a nation we import a huge volume of both of these meats from New Zealand and yet our British lamb producers are struggling, and we have plenty of home-reared venison.

At Yorkshire Ice Cream, our approach is different. We buy our milk from local farmers whose cows enjoy grazing the fields and rolling Dales of North Yorkshire. Our ice cream is made by the expert local ice cream makers Brymor of Masham, a Yorkshire business through and through. Their staff are local people who are hugely experienced in making incredible ice cream which is then sold in a multitude of local stockists and shops under their own brand and ours.

That means that when you buy our ice cream, you’re not only supporting Yorkshire ice cream makers, but you’re also supporting the people who live in and work the landscape of this amazing county. That includes the dairy farmers who care for the cattle and the arable farmers producing their winter feed. The livestock vets who check their health, the drivers who take tankers to pick up milk and take it to the parlour. The ice cream makers, sales and office staff who keep Brymor and Yorkshire Ice Cream ticking over. It’s safe to say a lot of local folk benefit from sales of Yorkshire Ice Cream.

If you’re keen to minimise your impact on the environment AND enjoy delicious locally produced food, make sure you look out for brands like ours. We’re always grateful for our customers support and to be able to supply shops and food service businesses across Yorkshire. Check out the stockist page on our website for more information on where you can try our tasty ice cream this summer.

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