Introducing our four-litre tubs!

We’re delighted to announce that all four Yorkshire Ice Cream flavours – vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and salted caramel – are now available in four-litre tubs in addition to our 1 litre packages. Just in time for the summer holiday rush and the (not long now!) removal of social distancing and mask restrictions, we’re upping our ice cream game. We’re doing our very best to support our food service and catering customers as they aim to make the most of opportunities this summer and boost trade. Our new rectangular 4-litre tubs are designed to fit neatly into your freezers to save space and be easy to scoop from when time is tight.


The new tubs are perfect for cafes, pubs, restaurants, catering outlets and other food service businesses. Yorkshire Ice Cream offers high quality dairy ice cream at an excellent price point made by the team at Brymor of Masham. Our real dairy ice cream is made here in Yorkshire with milk from traditional ‘black and white’ cows which graze the rolling fells around the farm. What’s more, it’s local people who take these local ingredients to create Yorkshire Ice Cream. Even in our new, larger size every single tub of our ice cream is still hand-finished with care by our expert dairy team to ensure it’s always of the most amazing quality.


If you’re on a mission to use local produce and only sell food and drink with a low carbon footprint, our ice cream is an excellent addition to your menu. We ensure full traceability for all our ingredients, which is perfect for those wishing to promote their sustainable, green approach to catering. Not only are you benefiting the environment but you’re also boosting the local economy here in North Yorkshire!


The new 4-litre tubs are only available to buy directly from us here at Yorkshire Ice Cream, so if you would like to add them to your food service offering, drop the team a line today.

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